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Morning Drop-off or Collection:

Monday - Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9.00am - 11.30am

Afternoon Drop-off or Collection:

Summer opening hours -1st April – 1 Nov  5-6pm

Winter Opening hours - 1st Nov – 31st March 4-5pm

We do not take dogs in on sat and sun evenings, collections only

Collection only

Saturday and Sunday Afternoons -17:00 – 18:00

Facilities and Fees

Happy DogAs owners of twelve dogs of our own, we know that the daily guardianship of a dog is very important, and we work hard to ensure that you can go away on holiday or business knowing that your dogs are as well looked after as we would wish ours to be.


We have a mix of different sized kennels and can take very large dogs or dog family groups in our generous ‘stable’ kennels. All of our kennels are heated during winter months or very bad weather.

We are used to dealing with all types of dog breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and can manage greyhounds with restriction orders.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance and all kennels are cleaned and washed down each morning with a separate check around each evening. Kennels are thoroughly scrubbed between occupants.


Heated KennelsWe charge £16.00 per day per dog,  that’s it - no hidden surcharges or extras added on for heating, feeding or size of dog.

You would pay on the day the dog comes in but you don’t pay on the day of departure if your dog goes out before 11:00am. Dogs staying on until evening collection would be charged for that day.

Payment is by cash or cheque. (cash only for 1st time bookings)


Kennel BlockAfter the first yard exercise, breakfast is given to those dogs that require it. We can feed your food or our food, we don’t mind. We feed a high quality all-in-one called Masters Country Complete, which is the food we feed to our own dogs.

Dinner is between 5.00 and 6.00pm but if you’d like your dog fed differently, just let us know. There is no extra charge for feeding our own food but we ask that if your dog likes tinned meat as well as biscuits then do bring some tinned meat with you – labelled with your dog’s name.

We are used to feeding medication or administering injections and take care to do exactly as you or your vet stipulates.


Our kennel girls arrive at 08:20am and let each dog into the exercise yard in turn as their kennels are cleaned. For those wanting your dog walked daily, the kennel girls will finish up at 11:30am by taking each dog for a walk down our quiet country lanes. Our regular or long term boarders are taken out with our dogs in the evening.

Cleaning out and exercise time gives the kennel girls a chance to check your dog each day and any early indications of health problems can be dealt with swiftly.

Our local veterinary practice, The Sim Veterinary Consultancy, wool, is on hand to deal with emergency care.


No dog is admitted without being vaccinated against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and leptospirosis. When you drop off your dog, you will need to bring your vet’s vaccination card with you to show that your dog is up to date with its boosters. If the card is forgotten, we will need to ring your vet to check that your dog is up to date.

Whilst we don’t stipulate the kennel cough (canine bronchitis) vaccination, we would recommend it for your own dog’s protection. It should be administered at least 14 days prior to boarding and now lasts for a year so it can be done at the time of the annual booster. Any dog coughing, however, will not be allowed to board.

Please also provide us with your dogs microchip number