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“Hi Walter

Thanks ever so much for all of your hard work with us over the weekend.  I learnt SO MUCH that I have now taken away, am digesting and starting to put into practice. It became rather obvious that my distillation of the obedience training we had already done, my conversations with other dog owners and background reading to date had all ended up a rather confused mess ... in many ways I think Tilley was both baffled, uninspired and occasionally bored. I have also been too soft with her, which plainly manifested itself in the heading off when she felt like it! She is a good girl and keen to please, but stubborn with it (like owner, like dog methinks).

We undoubtedly have a looooong way to go, but having seen the changes wrought by both the three days we spent with you and the effect my change in attitude has had subsequently, I am confident that our chances of success have been much, much enhanced. I was also encouraged by the things she so obviously did/could do right during that three days - retrieving from water, her first retrieved game and 'over' (well, the smaller jumps anyway ... she had NEVER done that before and didn't know what that command meant).

It was a pleasure to meet you both and also to see your dogs in action during those demonstrations. I suspect that we shall see you again before the autumn, either to show off Tilley's new found reliability and progress and seek additional coaching to stretch her further.”

Mark Tointon

“Hi Walter and Suzanne,

A brief note to thank you both for a great weekend. It was hard work, fun and instructive.  I feel that I learnt a huge amount and am aware of the hard work and fun to come as I get myself and consequently Fern up to the next stage.

I'm sure you get notes like this all the time but here are a few things I am already doing differently.

Have far greater confidence in the dog’s intelligence and ability to perform. Really work on the 'steadiness' and stop whistle. Be more expressive in use of hand signals and close control. Engage Fern's attention before a command when working close. Work as a team. Be more assertive, tell don't ask and do it quietly. Vary training regime, but keep it to shorter ten minute sessions daily.

I made notes at the end of each day that I have shared with my wife so we are consistent in hand signals, language and tone.

Thanks again to all the team.” Tim South

“Dear Suzanne and Walter, thank you for the photo memento of a wonderful weekend. I was exhausted at the end and I know Bolly was, but we both thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiastic but patient instruction, which will benefit both of us.

We will certainly keep up the training and take on board your comments, Walter, about not giving Bolly confusing signals from Sally and me!

We look forward to keeping in touch and hopefully we will return later this year.

Kind regards.” Mr P Hamilton

“Hello Walter and Suzanne,

Thank you so much for sending the photograph.  It will bring back many happy memories of a great weekend and meeting so many super people.

Thank you for all your hard work at trying to make something of us and our dogs in a most enjoyable way.  You certainly gave us a lot to think about!! 

I hope that one day soon I will be able to have a Springer puppy which I can train to become a gundog with the knowledge I have gained.  I just find it so rewarding to see a dog doing what it is bred to do, together with meeting wonderful like minded people. Thank you both so very much”.

Mrs G Leigh

“Dear Walter

I am writing to say a big thank you to you for helping me with my training of Willow (the working cocker spaniel) and to let you know that training with her has been going well, hence the reason for me not having been back for some more training in a while.

Willow has come on in leaps and bounds.  Her basic discipline in the home and heel work is great now.  I will continue to see how she goes and may be back early summer next year (2009).

I really just wanted you to know that myself, Christopher and Willow have loved our training with you.

Thank you very much.  Kind regards.”